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12. Obey Allah and obey His messenger; but if ye turn away, then the duty of Our 
messenger is only to convey (the message) plainly.
Yusuf Ali
12. So obey Allah and obey His Apostle; but if ye turn back the duty of Our 
Apostle is but to proclaim (the Message) clearly and openly.

13. Allah! There is no God save Him. In Allah, therefore, let believers put their 
Yusuf Ali
13. Allah! there is no god but He: and on Allah therefore let the Believers put 
their trust.

14. O ye who believe! Lo! among your wives and your children there are enemies for 
you, therefor beware of them. And if ye efface and overlook and forgive, then lo! 
Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.
Yusuf Ali
14. O ye who believe! truly among your wives and your children are (some that are) 
enemies to yourselves: so beware of them! But if ye forgive and overlook and cover 
up (their faults) verily Allah is Oft- Forgiving Most Merciful.

15. Your wealth and your children are only a temptation, whereas Allah! with Him 
is an immense reward.
Yusuf Ali
15. Your riches and your children may be but a trial: but in the Presence of Allah 
is the highest Reward.

16. So keep your duty to Allah as best ye can, and listen, and obey, and spend; 
that is better for your souls. And whoso is saved from his own greed, such are 
the successful.
Yusuf Ali
16. So fear Allah as much as ye can; listen and obey; and spend in charity for 
the benefit of your own souls: and those saved from the covetousness of their 
own souls they are the ones that achieve prosperity.

17. If ye lend unto Allah a goodly loan, He will double it for you and will 
forgive you, for Allah is Responsive, Clement,
Yusuf Ali
17. If ye loan to Allah a beautiful loan He will double it to your (credit) 
and He will grant you Forgiveness: for Allah is most Ready to appreciate 
(service) Most Forbearing 

18. Knower of the invisible and the visible, the Mighty, the Wise.
Yusuf Ali
18. Knower of what is hidden and what is open exalted in Might Full of Wisdom.
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