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5. The likeness of those who are entrusted with the Law of Moses, yet apply it not, 
is as the likeness of the ass carrying books. Wretched is the likeness of folk who 
deny the revelations of Allah. And Allah guideth not wrongdoing folk.
Yusuf Ali
5. The similitude of those who were charged with the (obligations of the) Mosaic 
Law but who subsequently failed in those (obligations) is that of a donkey which 
carries huge tomes (but understands them not). Evil is the similitude of people who 
falsify the Signs of Allah: and Allah guides not people who do wrong.

6. Say (O Muhammad): O ye who are Jews! If ye claim that ye are favored of Allah 
apart from (all) mankind, then long for death if ye are truthful.
Yusuf Ali
6. Say: "O ye that stand on Judaism! if ye think that ye are friends to Allah to 
the exclusion of (other) men then express your desire for Death if ye are truthful!"

7. But they will never long for it because of all that their own hands have sent 
before, and Allah is Aware of evil doers.
Yusuf Ali
7. But never will they express their desire (for Death) because of the (deeds) 
their hands have sent on before them! And Allah knows well those that do wrong!

8. Say (unto them, O Muhammad): Lo! the death from which ye shrink will surely meet 
you, and afterward ye will be returned unto the Knower of the invisible and the 
visible, and He will tell you what ye used to do.
Yusuf Ali
8. Say " The Death from which ye flee will truly overtake you: then will ye be sent 
back to the Knower of things secret and open: and He will tell you (the truth of) 
the things that ye did!"
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