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15. And We have commended unto man kindness toward parents. His mother beareth him 
with reluctance, and bringeth him forth with reluctance, and the bearing of him and 
the weaning of him is thirty months, till, when he attaineth full strength and 
reacheth forty years, he saith: My Lord! Arouse me that I may give thanks for the 
favor wherewith Thou hast favored me and my parents, and that I may do right 
acceptable unto Thee. And be gracious unto me In the matter of my seed. Lo! I have 
turned unto Thee repentant, and lo! I am of those who surrender (unto Thee).
Yusuf Ali
15. We have enjoined on man Kindness to his parents: in pain did his mother bear 
him and in pain did she give him birth.  The carrying of the (child) to his weaning 
is (a period of) thirty months.  At length when he reaches the age of full strength 
and attains forty years he says "O my Lord! grant me that I may be grateful for Thy 
favor which Thou hast bestowed upon me and upon both my parents and that I may work 
righteousness such as Thou mayest approve; and be gracious to me in my issue.  Truly 
have I turned to Thee and truly do I bow (to Thee) in Islam."

16. Those are they from whom We accept the best of what they do, and overlook their 
evil deeds. (They are) among the owners of the Garden. This is the true promise which 
they were promised (in the world).
Yusuf Ali
16. Such are they from whom We shall accept the best of their deeds and pass by their 
ill deeds: (they shall be) among the Companions of the Garden: a promise of truth 
which was made to them (in this life).

17. And whoso saith unto his parents: Fie upon you both! Do ye threaten me that I shall 
be brought forth (again) when generations before me have passed away? And they twain 
cry unto Allah for help (and say): Woe unto thee! Believe! Lo! the promise of Allah is 
true. But he saith: This is naught save fables of the men of old:
Yusuf Ali
17. But (there is one) who says to his parents "Fie on you! Do ye hold out the promise 
to me that I shall be raised up even though generations have passed before me (without 
rising again)? " And they two seek Allah's aid (and rebuke the son): "Woe to thee! have 
Faith! For the promise of Allah is true." But he says "This is nothing but tales of the 

18. Such are those on whom the Word concerning nations of the Jinn and mankind which 
have passed away before them hath effect. Lo! they are the losers.
Yusuf Ali
18. Such are they against whom is proved the Sentence among the previous generations 
of Jinns and men that have passed away; for they will be (utterly) lost.

19. And for all there will be ranks from what they do, that He may pay them for their 
deeds! and they will not be wronged.
Yusuf Ali
19. And to all are (assigned) degrees according to the deeds which they (have done) and 
in order that (Allah) may recompense their deeds and no injustice be done to them.

20. And on the day when those who disbelieve are exposed to the Fire (it will be said): 
Ye squandered your good things in the life of the world and sought comfort therein. Now 
this day ye are rewarded with the doom of ignominy because ye were disdainful in the land 
without a right and because ye used to transgress.
Yusuf Ali
20. And on the Day that the Unbelievers will be placed before the Fire (it will be said 
to them): "Ye received your good things in the life of the world and ye took your pleasure 
out of them: but today shall ye be recompensed with a Penalty of humiliation: for that ye 
were arrogant on earth without just cause and that ye (ever) transgressed."
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