Knowledge of everything belongs to Allah only
Man tires not of praying for good, and if ill touches him, then he is disheartened, desperate
When We show favour unto man, he withdraws and turns aside, but when ill touches him then he abounds in prayer
Never take any protecting friends besides Allah
Had Allah willed, He could have made them(mankind) one community, but...
And in whatsoever you differ, the verdict therein belongs to Allah
He has ordained for you that religion which He commanded unto Noah, Abraham, and Moses, and Jesus say: Establish the religion and be not divided therein
Those who believe not therein (Day of Ressurection) seek to hasten it, while those who believ are fearful ofit and know that it is the Truth
Who desirs the harvest of the world, We give him thereof, and he has no portion in the Hereafter
And if Allah were to enlarge the provision for his slaves they would surely rebel in the earth, but He sends down by measure as He wills
Whatever of misfortune strikes you, it is what your right hadns have earned. And He (Allah) forgives much
And whoso defends himself after he has suffered wrong - for such, there is now way (of blame) against them. The way (of blame) is only against those who oppress mankind, and wrongfully rebel in the earth. For such there is a painful doom
Answer the call of your Lord before there comes unto you from Allah a Day which there is no averting
Lo! the man is ingrate
Allah creates what He will
But We have made it(Quran) a light whereby We guide whom We will of our bondmen
Is it they who apportion their Lord's mercy?
Remember Allah too much, if you wish to be away from Satan, the devil
Pharaoh asked his people! Is not mine the sovereignty of Egypt and these rivers flowing under me?
He is nothing but a slave on whome We bestowed favour
Worship only to Allah, that is the right path
And those unto whom they cry instead of Him possess no power of intercession, saving him who bears witness unto the Truth knowingly
Lo! We revealed it(Quran) on a blessed night
These are the portens of Allah whch We recite unto thee(Muhammad pbuh) with truth. Then in what fact, after Allah and His portents, will they believe? This is guidance and those who disbelieve for them there is a painful doom of wrath
Whoso does right, it is for his soul, and whoso does wrong, it is against it
And now have We set thee (O Muhammad pbuh) on a clear orad of (Our) commandment; so follow it, and follow not the whims of those who know not
Or do those who commit ill-deeds suppose that We shall make them as those who beleive and do good works, the same in life and death? Bad is their judgement!
And Allah has created the heabvens and the earth with truth, and that every soul may be repaid what it has earned...
Allah will gather you unto the Day of Ressurection whereof there is no doubt. But most of mankind know not
This, for as much as you made the revelations of Allah a jest, and the life of the world beguiled you . Therefore....

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