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21. And those who look not for a meeting with Us say: Why are angels not sent down unto 
us and (why) do we not see our Lord? Assuredly they think too highly of themselves and 
are scornful with great pride.
Yusuf Ali
21. Such as fear not the meeting with Us (for Judgment) say: "Why are not the angels sent 
down to us or (why) do we not see our Lord?" Indeed they have an arrogant conceit of 
themselves and mighty is the insolence of their impiety!

22. On the day when they behold the angels, on that day there will be no good tidings 
Yusuf Ali
22. The Day they see the angels no joy will there be to the sinners that Day: the (angels) 
will say: "There is a barrier forbidden (to you) altogether!"for the guilty; and they 
will cry: A forbidding ban!

23. And We shall turn unto the work they did and make it scattered motes.
Yusuf Ali
23. And We shall turn to whatever deeds they did (in this life) and We shall 
make such deeds as floating dust scattered about.

24. Those who have earned the Garden on that day will be better in their home 
and happier in their place of noonday rest;
Yusuf Ali
24. The Companions of the Garden will be well that Day in their abode and have 
the fairest of places for repose.

25. A day when the heaven with the clouds will be rent asunder and the angels 
will be sent down, a grand descent.
Yusuf Ali
25. The Day the heaven shall be rent asunder with clouds and angels shall 
be sent down descending (in ranks) 

26. The Sovereignty on that day will be the True (Sovereignty) belonging to 
the Beneficent One, and it will be a hard day for disbelievers.
Yusuf Ali
26. That Day the dominion as of right and truth shall be (wholly) for (Allah) 
Most Merciful: it will be a day of dire difficulty for the Misbelievers.
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