Those who themselves Then those who These Take away Thunder
1 2
Thunder clap Thrust Thrust away
thing/things Truthful Truth Turn Turn in repentence Taught Tree Take Trial
Thankful Township Twelve Transgress
1 2 3
Tower Toor-Mountain Turn
1 2
Turn away
Thus Touch Transgression Thousand Turn back Touches Traveller Thread Three
Ten Think Two Two-Third Taste Today This Day Trafficking Throne
Tire Tryst Tongue Trust Terror Triumphant Towers Throw Tooth
Tears Tunnel Treasuers Trumpet Trellised Tribe
1 2
Throne Threat Thamud
Thirty Talk Tablets Time Twenty To and Fro Tidings Thirst Toil
Troops Tyrant Treasure Treasure Thief Traverse To and Fro Threshold Thirsty
Trace towards